Off Site Document Destruction

Our off-site confidential document shredding service is a secure, NAID-certified solution for all of your document destruction needs. Documents are picked up by our uniformed and bonded service representative, locked in our trucks and taken to our secure shredding facility. All documents are then destroyed in a locked, video monitored shredding facility to ensure all documentation is safely, completely destroyed.

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On Site Document & Material Destruction

CRIM can shred paper & media ON-SITE with our high capacity, high speed mobile shredding trucks. A CRIM service representative will pick up your secure documentation in locked shredding bins from your business. The documentation will then be destroyed immediately at your place of business. A certificate of destruction will be given to you at the time of destruction. All destroyed material is transported back to CRIMS facility to be bailed and shipped directly to a paper mill for recycling. CRIM’s Vecoplan mobile shredding technology trucks meet state and federal guidelines that require documents to be rendered unreadable.

mobile document shredder

Document Shredding Services Provided on the Customer’s Terms

  • Scheduled weekly & monthly pickup
  • One time purge & call in services
  • Special extended pick up pricing
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