Record Storage

Carolina Records & Information Management (CRIM) offers secure storage for your business files while providing easy access when you need it. CRIM personnel help you meet your legal and ethical responsibilities to safeguard your own information and that of your clients up to the expired date of the record. We provide confidential, secure storage that meets the highest requirements for record handling.

Record Storage Systems services provide:

  • Fast, 24/7 access via the secure web server, phone and fax
  • Records indexing and retrieval at the box, file, or document level
  • Highly secure transportation and destruction services available as needed
  • Classification, retention and destruction management per customer schedule
  • Management reporting to ensure compliance, monitor services and control costs
  • Supplies to support the proper inventory control

Accurate Inventory – Easy Retrieval

  • Our highly organized record center provides quick and accurate retrieval of your information, with 24-hour emergency access.
  • Our sales representatives will fully train your staff to utilize the storage services while providing all supplies required.
  • The Authority to Access program allows you to limit access to your data to select individuals in your company. Client approval and signature verification before document release is just one more way that we can protect you.
  • Easy retrieval via call, fax or Internet ordering system reduces wait time and eliminates lost productivity due to searching for records.
  • We guarantee 100% accurate inventory of your records and data

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